• 7-Living in the Gamma trap and no help

    According to Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, I am in a deep Gramma trap.

    The GAMMA trap

    A state of anger, hopelessness and revolution. If things get bad enough , the entity moves from BETA on down toward GAMMA. Here one is trapped by barriers that seem unsurmountable. The denial and foggy of BETA dive way to stark reality. There is now a clear vision of how bad things are. Whether the perception is accurate or not, it produces a very real sense of knowing what went wrong and why.

    Deep GAMMA is a difficult time because part of the perception is a near total lack of power to do anything about it. Often, the accessible v-meme system is itself the barrier. The person knows too much for his or her own good.

    The emotions of frustrations and confusion at BETA give way to deep anger and hostility in GAMMA.

    All available energy goes to existing one day at a time. Nightfall brings moments of reflection and despair. Daybreak only awakens primordial survival instincts -- flee or fight. But, what good is it for the moth to dart into the open flame? What is the use? Forget the future. To hell with the past. Other people will have to look for themselves. The pain penetrates into the depth of the soul. The wolf is at the door. Some walls exist outside of us such as authoritarian, despotic control structures, exclusion, egoisl, etc. GAMMA is a time of wanting to escape, run away, break-out, and be free of the bonds that entrap us.

    I am positioned mainly in YELLOW/TURQUOISE and it is said that "When YELLOW confronts the barriers, it will evaluate the scene and depart or not after analysis of whether the cards are stacked against positive actions."


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